Privacy notice

This is my personal blog, where I write about stuff, and where you can chose to read that same stuff. I collect as little information as possible, and no more than needed to run the site.

What might be collected

  • IP-address: When you visit the site, your IP-address will be stored in server logs for 14 days. This is for technical reasons, such as being able to troubleshoot the site. The basis of processing is legitimate interest.
  • E-mail address: If you sign up for the newsletter, I will collect you e-mail, and use it to mail you the newsletter. Other than that, you will not hear from me! The basis of processing is performance of contract.

Data sharing

I don't share your data with anyone unless it is to run the site. Currently, these are the ways your data may be shared:

  • E-mail address will be shared with Mailgun, which is responsible for sending out the newsletter.

Data storage

E-mail addresses and IP-addresses are stored on a virtual server run by DigitalOcean. The server location is in Amsterdam. DigitalOcean does not have access to this information.

Delete me!

Sure thing! Click unsubscribe in the newsletter and your e-mail is gone forever. I won't comb through the serverlogs to remove your IP, but it will disappear when the logs rotate after 14 days.

If you can't find a unsubscribe link anywhere, shoot me an email at and I will remove you manually.

This privacy notice seems to simple to be true!

Privacy isn't really that hard! Here, I wrote a blog about it, take a look!